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That Should Last You a While

Submitted by: Unknown Tagged: public transportation , funny , protection Share on Facebook Source: https://cheezburger.com/7769562880/that-should-last-you-a-while

The Perfect Break Up Pillow

Submitted by: (via Love Loss Happiness ) Tagged: funny , sexy , Pillow , online dating Share on Facebook Source: https://cheezburger.com/8183107328/the-perfect-break-up-pillow

Who's Better at Giving Just the Tip

Submitted by: (via S_DiiNo ) Tagged: men , funny , women , tips Share on Facebook Source: https://cheezburger.com/8262617600/whos-better-at-giving-just-the-tip

Well, That's Good to Know

Submitted by: (via PristineSystem ) Tagged: beer , t shirts , funny Share on Facebook Source: https://cheezburger.com/8374867200/well-thats-good-to-know

Seems Very Complicated

Submitted by: (via Hidden Markov Model ) Tagged: funny , math , love , textbook Share on Facebook Source: https://cheezburger.com/8304420096/seems-very-complicated

Lettuce Take a Moment to Appreciate the Effort Here

Submitted by: (via weheartit ) Tagged: tomatoes , love , dating Share on Facebook Source: https://cheezburger.com/8804212992/lettuce-take-a-moment-to-appreciate-the-effort-here
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