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Starbucks has changed its cups for the holidays, and they ask the customers to come up with ideas. The picture above is what they came up with.

Not bad...

I Created something, a whole world on the internet for people to find love, or something really close to it. Now it is free to everyone to find love. I have worked very hard for the last two years on OIAm2 Single and now it is in over 200 countries and translated in 19 different languages. Sorry, as you can tell, I am still working on the Translations, but it is a world, a beautiful world.

I can say it is heaven, but it is nirvana where beautiful people can meet each other and fall in love for free. What a wonderful world we live in. so, on the business note, we have advertising so you don't have to pay everything is free to use to find love. We added to new urls. Well I lie we added 4 urls and you will find them familiar, and here there are! : http://oiam2.co.uk, http://oiam2.eu, http://oiam2.sydney, and last but not least, http://oiam2.melbourneso hello you down-under's and you Red Dwarf fans, or is it TWD with y'all?

Any way it has been a long ride so far, and OIAm2 Single is big and getting bigger and with my friends, that means you, helping we can make it to our 3 year! there is lots of new toys to play with like: Video Voice Chat, Movie, Blogs, Group, Event, and of course many others like Speed Dating Events that we are now stepping out into the world and going live, coming soon to a OIAm2 website near you....smile!

There are so, many ways to meet and fall in love, and we want to help you for free, no question asked, unless you ask them. An, we at OIAm2 Singles will answer.

Good Luck and happy hunting

CEO OIAm2 Single LLC

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