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In The Brothers Karamazov, Dostoevsky describes the patriarch, Fyodor Pavlovich:

“He was a strange type yet one rather frequently met with, precisely the type of man who is not only worthless and depraved but muddleheaded as well—one of those muddleheaded people who still handle their own little business deals (if nothing else) quite skillfully….He was married twice and had three sons….There never was mutual love, either on the bride’s part or his own, despite the beauty of Adelaida Ivanova [his first wife]. He was a great sensualist all his days, always ready to hang on any skirt that merely beckoned to him….As a father, he did precisely what was expected of him; that is, he totally and utterly abandoned his child by Adelaida Ivanova, not out of malice toward him and not from any wounded matrimonial feelings but simply because he totally forgot about him….Fyodor Pavlovich was fond of play-acting, of suddenly taking up some unexpected role right in front of you, often when there was no need for it and even to his own real disadvantage….He saw and got to know his father, Fyodor Pavlovich, for the first time only after his coming of age, when he arrived in our parts with the purpose of settling the question of his property with him. It seems that even then he did not like his father; he stayed only a short time with him and left quickly, as soon as he had managed to obtain a certain sum from him and made a certain deal with him concerning future payments from the estate, without being able to learn from his father either the value of the estate or its yearly income. Fyodor Pavlovich saw at once (and this must be remembered) that Mitya had a false and inflated idea of his property. Fyodor Pavlovich was quite pleased with this, as it suited his own designs….Fyodor Pavlovich, though he led a wild, drunken, debauched life, still never stopped investing his capital and always managed his deals successfully, though of course almost always somewhat shabbily….Loose women would gather in the house right in front of his wife, and orgies took place….Three or four years after his second wife’s death, he set off for the south of Russia and finally wound up in Odessa, where he lived for several years in a row. First, he made the acquaintance, in his own words, of ‘a lot of Yids, big Yids, little Yids, baby Yids,’ but he ended up later being received ‘not just by Yids but by Jews, too.’ We may assume it was during this period of his life that he developed his special skill at knocking money together and knocking it out of other people….He now loved to be outrageous with the female sex, not simply as before, but even in a more repulsive way. He soon became the founder of a number of new taverns throughout the district. Many inhabitants of our town and district immediately got into debt with him, naturally on the best securities. Lately he had become bloated; he began somehow to be erratic, lost his self-control, and even fell into a sort of lightheadedness; he would start one thing and end up with another; he became scattered.”

Source: https://thoughtcatalog.com/david-shields/2019/02/120-years-ago-dostoevsky-explained-trump-with-remarkable-accuracy/

1. Sinister. The soundtrack makes you feel super uneasy. Plus that lawnmower scene was a feeling a horror movie has never done to me before.

2. It Follows. It’s the only movie to have ever made me so genuinely uncomfortable and scared that I almost had to leave the theater. The end wasn’t that scary to me, but my favorite parts of horror movies have always been the build up because I always found myself disappointed in the monster or the scare tactic used after the build up etc. But that movie was just one long sense of dread that something’s coming, I was constantly checking the background, it was really unnerving for me.

3. There is a film called Shutter, the original Asian version and not the US remake. Scared the hell out of me in parts… I hate ghosts and this was about ghosts in photographs.

4. A Quiet Place. I have a fear of silence. I had to exit the theater.

5. The Witch is so unsettling. I’m a grown man and typically good when it comes to horror movies, but this one had me calling my dog over so I could cuddle with him for safety.

6. Oculus. My greatest fear is not knowing what’s real and that movie messed with me.

7. They Look Like People is an amazing horror movie. It’s not a very jump-scary movie, it’s horror is more focused on building dread and it does it beautifully.

8. House On Haunted Hill. Saw it when i was young and tried watching it again as an adult and I still can’t get through that movie.

9. The Conjuring. That fucking scene where the girl slowly looks up and sees the demon on top of the wardrobe is possibly the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in a film.

10. Fire in the Sky. Aliens abduct some loggers. That’s all the spoiler you are getting. That movie still viscerally terrifies me.

11. Rosemary’s Baby. The terror being alone and not believed by anyone while truly terrible things happen to you and those you trust betray you creeped into my mind and I didn’t sleep right for over a week. I was an adult, I don’t think a kid could be scared the same way.

12. I think Hereditary already deserves a spot on one of the scariest movies. Everything following that scene is an excruciating descent into unbreakable grief that you know will destroy you.

13. The Strangers. I was very glad I watched it in my 1 bedroom apartment on the 2nd floor, where there was essentially only one way into my apartment. I could not watch it in my house today, with multiple access points

14. Mother on Amazon, baby scene was too much.

15. Darkness Falls. I have always been afraid of something floating above me with my head under the blanket.

16. I saw The Grudge in theaters and it scared me so much that I grabbed the guy next to me by accident. We both had a laugh of relief.

17. Stigmata. The only movie to ever cause my to have a nightmare. It didn’t help I had a mirror beside my bed so I woke up to seeing vague movement in the dark.

18. The Blair Witch Project. A) It looks like it was filmed where I live B) I live in the woods in the middle of nowhere so I hear a lot of weird stuff at night C) There were some abandon houses in the woods around me that looked exactly like the house they find in the movie.

19. The first couple Saw movies because it is pretty easy to imagine yourself in those situations.

20. Texas Chainsaw Massacre – the original. 40 years ago and I still get the shakes thinking about the girl who jumped out of the freezer.

21. The 1979 version of When a Stranger Calls.

22. REC is an amazing Spanish found footage zombie movie. It starts slowly with a documentary film crew following a team of firefighters, but once it kicks into high gear it becomes a relentless, claustrophobic, violent hellride.

23. Buried with Ryan Reynolds. The scariest part of all is that nothing in the movie is supernatural at all.

24. Jaws. I consider it a horror movie. It made me never want to swim in the ocean.

25. Tim Burton’s Coraline, gives nightmares every time I watch it.

26. Martyrs, that is the only horror movie that’s managed to genuinely scar me.

27. The Grudge. It just is relentless, it doesn’t stop.

Every few minutes there’s that death rattle, or the kid’s catty growl, or an eye staring at you. You think you’re safe on this bus in the daytime? Think again, Buffy!

28. The Shining has a special disturbing element to it that has never fully let me go. Even though I’ve probably watched it upwards of 30 times, it still makes me feel just as on edge as the first time I watched it.

29. The Babadook. “You can bring me the boy. You can bring me the boy.”

30. The Butterfly Effect. It was the first scary movie I’d ever watched, was never into them, but a friend put it on when we were having a sleepover at her place and I had no idea what it was about… Had nightmares for a while after that; it really makes you think and it fucked me up.

31. House of 1000 Corpses. I’m a horror junkie and not much scares me, but that one was pretty intense, and really felt like it could happen.

32. I watched The Ring. I couldn’t sleep for like 2 weeks.

33. The original made for tv IT. The scene with the blood coming out of the picture and Pennywise standing in the field scared me so much. I don’t think I watched the whole thing at the time because that spider is so bad even 10 year old me would have laughed.

34. My Bloody Valentine (the original, not the campy remake).

I saw it on cable when I was in elementary school and it really did a number on me. I stayed up all night playing Intellivision, and my mom, bless her, stayed up with me on the couch in the living room.

35. Hostel. Too real, too cruel. Still makes me cringe.

36. Funny Games (the original).

37. It didn’t really terrify me but the movie Room 1408 did make me super uncomfortable and it was great. Like it’s not the best movie ever but watching the main character slowly go insane was awesome. Really great movie.

38. Donnie Darko – I know it’s considered a psychological thriller but Frank the Bunny scares the shit out of me still to this day.

39. Serbian Film. The imagery was a fucking nightmare.

40. The Exorcist. My mother showed it to me when I was 4. 35 now, still not over it, thanks Mom, glad no one found your corpse for a few weeks.

41. Pet Sematary. Accidentally watched this when I was 8 and I still daren’t watch it again 15 years on.

42. I saw Sleepy Hollow twice.

The first time I was with two friends, late afternoon; we giggled the whole time and just ripped the film to shreds. Pfft, that wasn’t scary.

The second time I was in the house on my own and had insomnia, so stuck on the TV in my bedroom around 2am to try and distract myself. Channel 4 was showing the film and I knew it was hilarious and not scary, so didn’t bother turning on the light.

This was a mistake and did not help my insomnia.

43. It’s not even that scary but The Exorcism of Emily Rose, it may have been the based on true story story part that did me. After a month of watching that movie I started to wake up around 3 am (actually pretty precisely at 3 am) and that was nerve wracking on top of my continuous nightmares (those weren’t because of the movie I’ve always had them).

44. I saw Annihilation in the theater alone and that movie really freaked me out for some reason. The bear was bad, but the showdown at the end was the worst for me. That movie really got under my skin.

45. Silence of the Lambs I saw at the cinema during its original release in 1991; scared me plenty good.

46. The Fourth Kind. Was just a kid and had no idea whether it was real or not because of all the “documentary footage”. Honestly the only one that had me genuinely scared ever.

47. Arachnophobia. Saw it in theaters when I was young. Good lord that movie is terrifying.

48. Signs. It’s not even objectively that scary! But fucking hell did it scare the shit out of me. I still can’t bring myself to watch it or I’ll be paranoid going around every corner of the apartment when it’s dark.

49. Alien, when I first watched it I had nightmares for weeks, I even had on of those nightmares where you wake up but still dreaming, when that happened to me I had a xenomorph in my fucking face with both mouths open dripping laviver all over me.

50. The Thing (’82). Was a kid when I saw it, scared the living daylights out of me. Good special effects for its time. TC mark

Source: https://thoughtcatalog.com/january-nelson/2019/02/50-scary-movies-to-binge-this-valentines-day-as-an-excuse-to-cuddle/

Big Brother is a reality show where contestants live in a house together. Each week, someone is evicted until only one person remains and wins the $500,00 prize.

Each season, Big Brother is filled with drama. There are blindsides. There are showmances. There are screaming matches and passive aggressive comments.

Even though Big Brother is highly entertaining, it is also an educational social experiment. Here are a few life lessons I gathered from watching the show for over a decade:

1. Be careful who you trust.

You have to listen to your instincts. Just because someone is smiling and giving you compliments in front of your face does not mean they are saying nice things behind your back. Even when you think you have a good read on someone, you could be completely wrong.

At the end of the day, the only person you can trust is yourself.

2. No one owes you anything.

It doesn’t matter if you hand your heart to someone (or save them with a Veto). Your good deeds are not always going to be rewarded. Sometimes, the people you went out on a limb for are the same people who are going to turn around and stab you in the back.

Unfortunately, no one owes you anything. No matter how nice you are, they are not obligated to give you their loyalty, trust, or attention.

3. You have to put yourself first.

It’s not selfish to choose the best path for yourself — just like it’s not selfish to use the Veto on yourself or vote off someone who is going to hurt your chances of winning the show. You are allowed to cut toxic people out of your world. You are allowed to move away from your loved ones to pursue your passions. Put yourself first for a change. You have to stop worrying about everyone else. Worry about yourself.

4. Falling in love is not always the best idea.

Stop assuming the world revolves around romance. In the Big Brother house, getting into a relationship is usually a bad idea. It can be the same in the real world. Sometimes, you need to stay single to focus on your career. Sometimes, you need to stay single to focus on yourself. You shouldn’t jump into a relationship just because you are bored. There are other things to focus on.

5. You will see someone’s true colors when they are down in the dirt.

Anyone can come across as a good person when they are doing well in life — but when they hit rock bottom, that is when you see their true nature. On Big Brother, moods change drastically when houseguests move from the HOH room to the block. Some people cannot handle hardships. They cannot take rejection or isolation or the unknown. They will turn on you as soon as they have the chance.

6. Being mean will come back to bite you in the butt.

Lately, a lot of people have lost Big Brother due to poor jury management. It’s a reminder the way you treat people in life can come back to haunt you. Your best option is always to treat other people with respect. If they think you are a horrible person, then they are going to be bitter whenever they run into you. They might even find ways to ruin your life (or your chances of winning 500k).

7. Secrets spread easily.

If you don’t want the entire world to know your secret, then don’t tell that secret to anyone. Not your best friend. Not your person. Not your crush. Keep it to yourself. If you tell one person, eventually more people are going to find out. Secrets never stay quiet for long.

8. You don’t need the internet as desperately as you think you do.

The Big Brother houseguests are not allowed to watch television, go online, or use their phones for months. They keep themselves occupied by swimming, lifting weights, playing chess, playing pool, walking the yard, and having meaningful conversations. They find plenty of ways to stay busy without the internet. They prove we could all spend a little less time with our electronics.

9. Sometimes, you get along with people you would never expect.

Some of the strongest friendships formed on Big Brother were between people who stemmed from two completely different walks of life. People who grew up with different backgrounds, mindsets, and hobbies. People who probably never would have crossed paths without the show. It’s a reminder to avoid judging books by their cover. Give everyone a chance.

10. You are allowed to cry.

There are a lot of emotions in the Big Brother house — just like the real world. Sometimes, the only way to soothe yourself is to give yourself permission to cry. It doesn’t matter if you are upset over something small. It doesn’t matter if you think you are too old or too strong to let your emotions rule you. You are allowed to cry. TC mark

Source: https://thoughtcatalog.com/holly-riordan/2019/02/10-harsh-heartbreaking-truths-i-learned-from-watching-big-brother/

1. Button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled to the elbows. Like a professional put-together look, but also ready to get his hands dirty if necessary.

2. Well fitted dress pants do something ELSE to a man’s butt. I don’t know what it is but wow.

3. I really notice when someone wears a shirt or jacket that brings out their eyes. Someone I know with brilliant blue eyes looks completely different in bright blue scrubs versus a normal black or white collar shirt. And whenever my friend with big brown eyes wears his soft tan jacket, his eyes pop. It’s a startling effect.

4. A really good smelling cologne. I start grinning like an idiot when I walk past a guy who smells really good. I used to work with this guy who always smelled amazing and every time he was in close proximity to me just wanted to bury my face in his chest.

5. A nice watch. But not one of those gaudy blinged out dinner plate sized monstrosities.

6. For me, it’s a hoodie. I don’t know why, but guys in hoodies (good condition, not super dirty or ratty) get my attention more. I don’t even steal them because I have my own. But I just like how they look on guys, I guess.

7. When my boyfriend wears grey sweatpants and I can see the bulge… yes please.

8. Glasses. I especially like a pair of nice round tortoiseshell ones.

9. A wool coat, or a long coat a la Captain Jack Harkness / the Tenth Doctor/ Newt Scamander. Bonus for a long wool coat.

10. White t-shirt, fitted dark blue jeans, and nice shoes.

11. A good, wide scarf. Made of fine wool. That European look. Gets me every time.

12. I am a goner if a dude wears bracelets (like skinny rubber bracelets or a leather cuff or something–I’m not talking, like, gold links or anything like that). A nice silver watch can work too. I love hands/wrists/forearms, so drawing attention to that part of the body is good.

13. A uniform. Police, firefighter, military, scrubs… yes please.

14. Long sleeved v neck T-shirt’s on husky men. Yes please! (I bought ten of these for my husband and he’s a burly snack)

15. Suspenders.

16. A well fitting Henley (those 3/4 sleeves shirts).

17. Eyeliner.

I was watching Lucifer among other things and just seeing men wearing eyeliner is so enchanting to me

18. It is weird, floral patterns. A lot of guys can pull it off. I got my ex into wearing some and he looked really good in it. Idk, any bold pattern guys wear really has me looking too.

19. Plain black t-shirt.

20. A baseball cap. A normal one. Not the stupid mesh with the flat bill.

21. V necks. Male collar bones are the equivalent of female cleavage. Just let me look at your collar bone

22.A suit and tie. I love a man in a suit and tie.

23. Honestly the casual professional look is so damn nice.

But if we’re talking just one item of clothing, i’m going to say joggers. Joggers are so nice.

24. Fully admit this is the weirdest thing ever to catch my attention: guys who wear their key rings on their pant loops. I don’t know, either, but I am immediately turned on.

25. Clean hands. What I mean is no raggedy finger nails, and they shouldn’t feel abrasive like talons. It’s acceptable for mechanics or manual labor guys to have some dirty hands after work, which is hot but for sexy times they need to be clean. I mean if they are going to be up into my lady bits I don’t want to imagine the cuts bad fingernails will cause in my va-jay jay.

26. A nice smile.

27. A cable knit sweater that sits just right.

28. Just look good.

I’ve dated guys who wear ill-fitting t-shirts and pants that they should have thrown away years ago. I’ve also dated guys who actually put an effort into their outfit.

I find myself daydreaming about ripping that nice button-up shirt off a million times more than an old band tee.

29. I’ve heard from many female friends that just a white undershirt with sweatpants gives them a strong desire for cuddles looking all comfy and shit.

30. Lip care. Staying hydrated, not biting the skin of the lip, use lip balm when they’re dry, etc.

People will look at your lips if they’re interested in you. Make those lips look like something they want. TC mark

Source: https://thoughtcatalog.com/january-nelson/2019/02/30-women-on-the-most-attractive-thing-a-man-can-wear/

I thought he wanted to date me because he paid attention to me. Back when my self-worth was low, back when ending up alone seemed like the worst thing in the world, I got excited over the smallest bits of attention. I would freak out and text my friends when a crush glanced my way in the halls or smiled at me or remembered my name. I exaggerated the smallest interactions, assuming each look meant more than it actually did. I set myself up for disappointment.

I thought he wanted to date me because he kissed me. At the time, I considered kissing a big deal, a major milestone. I thought the gesture was his way of revealing his innermost feelings for me. I didn’t think we needed to define the relationship. I assumed our kiss meant we were boyfriend and girlfriend. I lived in blissful ignorance for a while, completely unaware we were on separate pages, until he mentioned he was not ready for a relationship. Until he brought up a term I’ve grown to hate: friends with benefits. 

I thought he wanted to date me because he texted me every single day. We never went more than a few hours without hearing from each other. I thought this meant he was interested in dating me. Until he started mentioning other girls. Until he started asking me for advice on how to get their attention. Until he ran to me in tears when it looked like it wasn’t going to work out with the girl he could not get off his mind. He never picked up on how angry I got when he mentioned these other girls. He never realized my advice to move on was selfish advice, advice I hoped would lead him back to me. I wanted him to consider me someone he could get serious with, but he only considered me a friend.

I thought he wanted to date me because he tried to sleep with me. He made his attraction obvious. He liked every selfie. He watched every story. He drooled over every snap. He gave blunt compliments that boosted my confidence. He made me feel pretty for the first time in a long time. He made it sound like he was interested in more than my body to butter me up, but it didn’t take long to find out he only wanted one thing. It wasn’t a relationship.

I thought he wanted to date me because he flirted with me. We teased each other. We bantered back and forth. We texted nonstop. I knew the relationship was not one-sided because he admitted he found me attractive. He admitted he was happier when I was around. He spent months leading me on. He invited me over to spend one-on-one time in his bedroom. He held hands with me. He cuddled with me. He made me feel comfortable. He became the definition of an almost boyfriend but for some reason he never wanted to become an official one. TC mark

Source: https://thoughtcatalog.com/holly-riordan/2019/02/5-times-i-wrongly-assumed-someone-wanted-to-date-me/

Answers found on Ask Reddit


“I asked her out by accident and kinda just went with it, turned out very good though.”


“I watch Korean dramas with you because I also like them.”


You know how I came home yesterday with two boxes of girl scout cookies? I actually bought four boxes, two are my work cookies and two are our sharing cookies.”


“When I gave you that chicken biscuit from Bojangles, I didn’t mean it. I was being nice. I actually wanted to eat it & resented the fact that you actually took it from me when I offered it.”

— mallykv


“When you blow your nose in the shower and just leave snot on the wall, I wipe it off with your body scrubber.”


“For the love of everything holy and/or purely scientific, please compliment me. Anything. Show interest in my day, say my hair looks nice, that you like the way I laugh. Just a sign that I’m not here as your personal morale booster and chatbot.”

— LeMuffinManHonHonHon


“I sometimes play connect the dots with the freckles on your back while you are asleep cause I know you won’t see it.”


“Years before I even met him, I had a small crush on his older brother.”

— missinguva


“All your problems could be solved with the smallest piece of foresight but you’re so impulsive and unprepared that you work yourself into hysterics. I resent the fact that I watch you do something impulsive and know I’ll hear you whine about it later.”

— lewdel00


“I want to take a drill to your goddamn phone when you are so engrossed in it that you ignore the children.”

— Drugaddict1234


I apologize to you for things I know are your fault because I don’t like arguing.”


“I lied. I don’t enjoy sharing my fries with you.”

— thatdadfromcanada


“I have at times eaten a spoonful or two of the pancake mix in the fridge straight-up just because it has chocolate chips in it. I am a disgusting human being.”

— ThreeSheetzToTheWind


“I used to be a heroin addict.”

— Mr_Zoophilia_ScatMan


” The reason we run out of butter so often is because I eat it with sugar.”

— Grandma_Is_Satan


“I don’t really like your cat that much but it makes you so damn happy when I cuddle him so I do.”


“For the first half of our relationship, I regretted dating you because I felt like I didn’t give myself enough time to move on. Now? I’m glad we met when we did and I love you more than anything.”


“No, the fact is that I don’t like your friends.”

— werdew101


“I wish you could loosen up a little more at times. I would love to see the more spontaneous side of you.”

— anxietyorbust


“I hate your family and if I’d known how all they were, I wouldn’t have married you.”


“Even if we’re fine now, I really will never forget or understand all the times you treated me like dirt when we were having a rough time.”

— zinn7


“Sometimes, during my regular bouts of sleep paralysis, I try to ask you for help. I obviously can’t.

The reason why you not reacting when I talk to you bothers me so much, is because it reminds me of those times. Sometimes I’m not even sure if I can trust whether or not I’m awake. It’s all incredibly uncomfortable and could be completely avoided.”


“I don’t want to wait two years to move in together, even though I know it’s best for your kids. I want all three of you in my life all the time right now because I’m selfish and I love you all so damn much.”

— Tollas


“It hurts me when you shut me out. I can’t keep up with the back and forth. One moment you’re all about me and let me in and then the next it’s back to shutting me out and running away. I don’t feel secure in our relationship at all despite loving you so much I’m just waiting for the day that you leave me.”


“Even though it’s been three years and everything has changed, I’m still worried you’ll cheat on me again.”


“I love you, but I know you gaslight me all the time. I don’t know if you know you’re doing it, but I hate it and the way it deteriorates my self-worth. One day you’re going to smother the voice of reason inside that reminds me it’s all gaslighting, and I’ll really believe everything is always my fault.”


“Sometimes I fantasize about being away from you for days so that I can have time to myself.”


“We are barely making it from pay check to pay check, the mortgage is late and I still haven’t been able to pay our car registrations. #fuckcancer and the medical bills it rode in on.”

— dmk1972


“I was lying when I said I cheated on you too. Idk why but I figured that if you thought I made the same mistake then you wouldn’t feel completely alone in being terrible. Apparently it worked.”


“My antidepressants aren’t working at all and I’m so depressed and hate myself so much that getting up at all let alone bathe or put on makeup feels like the end of the world for me. I can’t get out of this hell hole I’m in and I wish I could die. I really really wish I would die… I’m trying so hard to keep it all together and not let you see how badly I’m breaking that I’ve been hiding my drinking problem from you. Because your dad just died, and it’s not about me right now.”


“I love you to death but your conservative sexual tendencies are killing me and I don’t know how to ask you for more sexually because you’ve never once in 3 years tried to coerce me in to sex. It’s like if I don’t try you don’t want it. But I really love you and I can’t imagine being with another human.”


“The sound of you chewing and mouth breathing makes me want to punch a wall.”


“I definitely smoke pot all over the house when you’re out of town.”


“Sometimes you text me and I don’t respond. But then I make a reddit post and I realize that I have to respond to your text because I know you be creepin my reddit.”

— flowkitty


“Not in a serious relationship, but for my current partner, it’d be ‘I’m sorry, but sometimes I feel resentful that you’re still alive and (my SO of three years ago) isn’t.'”


“Sometimes I think you do things on purpose to hinder/slow down our relationship.”

— Omega_Maru


“I told you I couldn’t sleep, but the truth is you were snoring so loud I was fantasizing about smothering you with my pillow.”

— mybabysbacon


“I hate that you’re Bi, even though I’m a lesbian and I love you so much I can’t fucking take it and some days I just can’t deal with it so that’s why I won’t even look at you in the eyes. I’m sorry I hate your past life and can’t fully accept you for who you are. I suck.”


“I’ve spent many many thousands more dollars on cars/racing than she thinks. At least $50k in the last few years. Wouldn’t change a thing. Constantly planning the next spending.”


“That something happened between my best female friend (that she dislikes) and me. We were very flirty with each other since we met. When she got a boyfriend I had a conversation with best friend about this saying that we were crossing some limits and I thought it was wrong.”

— ta62046374


“On more than one occasion, I’ve stolen your sister’s dirty underwear. I would them in zip lock bags and use them to masturbate.”


“Part of me really wants to have sex with your mom so I know what fuckin will be like when we’re both old married and over the hill.”


“I’ve got it bad for your younger sister. She knows, and our close friendship has an awkward barrier because of it. One small part of the reason I am seeking therapy is to help me sort those feelings out besides helping me tackle my depression.”


“I lost my virginity to your roommate.”


“You’re not hot. You can’t dance. You’re kind of dumb. Most people have a hard time liking you. Most of the problems in your life are your fault. I would actually say all of this to your face, but…

You have narcissistic personality disorder.

You can’t take criticism and are incredibly resistant to any sort of change. I really hope you see your therapist in earnest and work to get better. I still love you.”


“I’m secretly relieved that your dog died. He was a grumpy asshole who hated me and I lost hours of sleep every night to him licking and chewing his feet.”


“I’m not really over my ex and you’re definitely a rebound.”

— ctambz


“I think you’re gross a lot of the time, like, if you weren’t physically super sonic sexy, than you’d be ew lol.”


“I hate it when you call to chat when you’re driving home. You’ll be here in like 20 minutes can’t it wait? I get that you’re just driving and have nothing else to do but I am usually in the middle of something and I have to stop to use the phone. But who wants to complain that their boyfriend wants to talk them? It’s so bitchy haha”


“I liked you better before you became a mother.”

— epidemica TC mark

Source: https://thoughtcatalog.com/maria-monrovia/2019/02/50-people-confess-what-theyd-tell-their-partner-if-they-knew-they-wouldnt-get-in-trouble/

1. He keeps referring to you as a friend, buddy, pal, or bro. He might even make comments about how he sees you like a little sister.

2. Every time you say something sexual, he quickly changes the subject. He never flirts back with you.

3. If you sit close to him, he will find excuses to scoot himself away so you are no longer touching. He makes sure to keep his distance.

4. He never answers your late night, drunken texts. He waits until the morning when you are sober to respond.

5. He avoids liking and commenting on your selfies, but he likes any pictures you post of your dog or your dinner.

6. He waves goodbye instead of giving you a kiss on the cheek or a hug. During the rare times when he touches you, he makes sure it’s quick. He never lingers longer than necessary.

7. He asks you for relationship advice. He is vocal about all of the different girls he is interested in dating — and you are not on the list.

8. He avoids hanging out with you one-on-one. He only wants to hang out in group settings, when there are buffers around.

9. It takes him ages to answer your texts, even after you send him an attractive picture. If he gives you a compliment, he will use a generic word like nice to describe the way you look instead of using sexy, hot, or beautiful.

10. He does not hold eye contact for long. He always ends up glancing away — and not out of nerves.

11. Your conversations are basic. You talk about the weather. You talk about work. You talk about television shows. You never tease each other or banter back and forth. You keep it simple.

12. He rarely checks your stories, even when you posted them specifically in the hopes he would see.

13. He never seems jealous when you mention another guy or when he catches you flirting with another guy. He might even encourage you to ask one of them on a date.

14. When you’re out with a bunch of people, he never chooses the seat closest to you. He never approaches you. He never sends the first text. Every conversation you have is initiated by you.

15. When you give him the perfect opening to compliment you or ask you on a date, he doesn’t take the bait.

16. Whenever you try to set plans with him, he makes excuses about why he cannot show up. He is always canceling on you.

17. He half-listens while you talk. He never remembers anything you say.

18. He never notices when you change your hair, wear a new outfit, or show more cleavage than usual.

19. You have never caught him checking you out. You have never even heard him give you a compliment about your physical appearance.

20. He never uses heart or winking emojis. He sticks to basic smiley faces or uses nothing at all.

21.  He treats everyone the same as he treats you. He might even treat everyone else better than he treats you.

22. He gives you one-word answers. He ends your conversations as soon as possible. TC mark

Source: https://thoughtcatalog.com/january-nelson/2019/02/22-signs-he-doesnt-want-to-have-sex-with-you/

Girls who come from broken homes are always questioning how someone really feels about them, what their true intentions are, what their true colors are really like and if it’s only a matter of time before they walk away because they know that scenario all too well. They know that promises can be broken and that love can easily die. They’ve seen their home slowly collapse. They’ve seen their family image become distorted and somehow overnight their whole reality changed and they were left to deal with it.

Girls who come from broken homes don’t always know what’s it like to be whole, a piece of them is always lost, a piece of them is always broken and a piece of them is always trying to remember what it felt like to be part of something, to belong, to have a real shelter from everything that’s wrong with the world. They don’t remember the last time they went on a family trip. They don’t remember the last time they looked forward to a family occasion. Family matters are always unpleasant because it brings up a lot of bad memories, it brings up a lot of unhealed wounds and it forces them to pick a side. To pick a team and in that scenario, someone always loses.

Girls who come from broken homes were taught that love is meaningless, that love hurts and that they’re better off on their own. They were taught to never need a man too much or believe in happily ever after. They were told that being strong means making it on their own, that depending on anyone else is a recipe for disaster and that trusting someone else with their heart will always lead to disappointment. They were taught to guard their hearts because love only brings pain. Love only brings suffering and a healthy relationship doesn’t exist.

Girls who come from broken homes got used to the stereotypical labels; damaged, dramatic, daddy issues, complicated, tough, hard to handle. But the truth is, as much as they could be hard to love, they love the hardest. Their love is unmatched. Once they love, they will give everything they’ve been missing, everything they’ve been needing and everything they’ve been suppressing. Once they love, they vow to make it work. They vow to fill their home with the love they didn’t feel in their own. They vow to never make their partner feel neglected because they know how it feels and they vow to always keep the relationship intact, to never let themselves live through another broken home again.

Girls who come from broken homes rarely fall in love, but once they do, they will make it their happily ever after. They vow to make this one last forever. They vow to make their home, the one they always dreamed of. The one they always longed for. The one that’s too strong and too secure to ever break. TC mark

Source: https://thoughtcatalog.com/rania-naim/2019/02/girls-who-come-from-broken-homes-are-the-hardest-to-love/

When I was single, Valentine’s Day felt like a big deal. I couldn’t make it through the holiday without crying about how I was never going to find love, about how I was going to end up alone, about how no one would ever want me.

Around the same time each year, I tortured myself by scrolling through pictures of couples kissing and announcing their engagements. I felt like everyone had a relationship except for me. I felt like I was missing out on the most important day of the year.

Weirdly, now that I’m in a happy relationship, Valentine’s Day isn’t even a blip on my radar.

I’m going to swap presents with my forever person on February 14th, but other than exchanging chocolates and possibly a bit of jewelry, the event doesn’t feel like that big of a deal.

On Valentine’s Day, we are going to eat a meal together, but we always eat meals together. We are going to spend quality time together, but we always spend time together. We are going to remind each other how much we care, but we always remind each other how much we care.

When you are in a happy relationship, Valentine’s Day isn’t much more exciting than any other day of the year. 

This might sound disappointing, but it’s actually something that makes me proud. I don’t wait around until the holidays to spoil my person rotten. I don’t treat him any differently on special occasions than I do on average evenings. We always put each other first. We always make time for each other. We always say, “I love you.”

I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship where affection is stockpiled for milestone moments. I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship where I count down the days until a holiday because I will finally get the attention I have been lacking.

No one should have to wait until Valentine’s Day in order to get swept off their feet. In happy relationships, couples get that butterfly feeling all the time. It’s not saved for holidays. 

When you’re in a healthy relationship, you quickly realize Valentine’s Day is not all it’s hyped up to be. Most years, it’s not going to look the way it does in the movies. You’ll be satisfied with a movie in bed and a bottle of wine.

When you’re single, it’s easy to get the wrong idea about Valentine’s Day. You might feel miserable about being stuck at work or sentenced to a night home alone while couples are out, having fun — but do not assume your friends in happy relationships are having the time of their lives. Do not assume the day is any more special than any other day.

Chances are, your couple friends are also working. Chances are, your couple friends are also staying home. Chances are, your couple friends are having a pretty basic night, not some rom-com worthy romance.

If you’re single this Valentine’s Day, don’t let your loneliness get the best of you. Don’t assume everyone else is having the time of their life because their plans are probably not as exciting as you think. TC mark

Source: https://thoughtcatalog.com/holly-riordan/2019/02/i-cared-more-about-valentines-day-when-i-was-single/

Marie Kondo has life-changing advice for you:

Aries: March 21 – April 19th

“It is not our memories but the person we have become because of those past experiences that we should treasure. This is the lesson these keepsakes teach us when we sort them. The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past.”

Taurus: April 20th – May 20th

“The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life.”

Gemini: May 21st – June 20th

“When we really delve into the reasons for why we can’t let something go, there are only two: an attachment to the past or a fear for the future.”

Cancer: June 21st – July 22nd

“Presents are not ‘things’ but a means for conveying someone’s feelings. When viewed from this perspective, you don’t need to feel guilty for parting with a gift. Just thank it for the joy it gave you when you first received it.”

Leo: July 23rd – August 22nd

“Not every person you meet in life will become a close friend or lover. Some you will find hard to get along with or impossible to like. But these people, too, teach you the precious lesson of who you do like, so that you will appreciate those.”

Virgo: August 23rd – September 22nd

“When you come across something that you cannot part with, think carefully about its true purpose in your life. You’ll be surprised at how many of the things you possess have already fulfilled their role. By acknowledging their contribution and letting them go with gratitude, you will be able to truly put the things you own, and your life, in order.”

Libra: September 23rd – October 22nd

“No matter how wonderful things used to be, we cannot live in the past. The joy and excitement we feel here and now are more important.”

Scorpio: October 23rd – November 21st

“Tidy a little a day and you’ll be tidying forever.”

Sagittarius: November 22nd – December 21st

“The process of assessing how you feel about the things you own, identifying those that have fulfilled their purpose, expressing your gratitude, and bidding them farewell, is really about examining your inner self, a rite of passage to a new life.”

Capricorn: December 22nd – January 19th

“People cannot change their habits without first changing their way of thinking.”

Aquarius: January 20th – February 18th

“The best way to choose what to keep and what to throw away is to take each item in one’s hand and ask: ‘Does this spark joy?’ If it does, keep it. If not, dispose of it. This is not only the simplest but also the most accurate yardstick by which to judge.”

Pisces: February 19th – March 20th

“Keep only those things that speak to your heart. Then take the plunge and discard all the rest. By doing this, you can reset your life and embark on a new lifestyle.” TC mark

Source: https://thoughtcatalog.com/holly-riordan/2019/02/the-marie-kondo-reminder-each-zodiac-needs-to-tidy-up-their-life/

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